Marine Navigation

Navigation is the heart and soul of sea-faring life. before the advacements of technollgy and the ease and convenience of electronics, captains and sailors used to relie upon the sun, the moon and the stars for navigation. It sounds fun and quite romantic, but this method was realiable only up to a three-mile (5km) radius. in contrast, our marine navigation devices are satellite-linked computers, allowing you to pinpoint a ship within 60 feet (18 m). Now that’s practical!

WELT Marine core competencies include manufacturing and designing bridge equipment, as well as installation and commissioning of complete bridge systems. Our premium products continue to deliver the ultimate performance and reliability results. For example, our MantaDigital™ is a multi-function display platform capable of hosting Radar, ECDIS and conning functionality on a variety of wide-screen display surfaces. This is a very cost-effective solution, enabling each workstation to act as instantaneous backup to one another.

Ultimately, our unrivalled product offering in addition to our global service network allows WELT Marine to ensures that you can get the service you need wherever you need it. We are your one-call, one solution maritime services.


Navigation equipment is typically split into the following categories:

  • Charting
  • Radar
  • GPS
  • AIS
  • Instruments


With all the different kinds of navigation equipment available, choosing your maritime contractor can be quite challenging. welt marine sorts through the abundance of navigational equipment on the market in order to design a tailored system that fits any type of vessel.

Wading through all the options available could be an intimidating task. Trust us. Through our years of experience and extensive knowledge of every part and piece out there, WELT Marine can safely choose and work only with the best options in the market.

Software packages are available to enhance the use of your equipment, but sometimes the options make choosing the right one quite confusing. Our team has vast experience in software and computer technology to not only build the ideal system for your company, but also improve vessel management of your specific operations. Don’t look any further: WELT Marine is your best choice.

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